Flood Risk Map

If you are in the Lower Brazos Flood Planning Region (REGION 8) we are asking for your review of the draft existing condition floodplains through an electronic data collection map accessible through the Draft Floodplain Map button below. The link will lead to another site where flooding information is being gathered from two groups, as defined below:

DIRECTIONS: Once the map is open, the search bar in the upper left corner of the map enables you to zoom to a particular address. Using the Add a Feature tool on the left side of the map, you may click on a pin and drag it to the location on the map where you would like to provide feedback.

Community and Public Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback and identify additional flood-prone areas not captured in the initial floodplains. Please provide input before end-of-day Friday, April 29, 2022.

Public Stakeholders include the general public, individuals, groups and organizations including non-profit and non-governmental organizations with an interest in providing information to support flood planning efforts.

Community Stakeholders include individuals with flood-related responsibilities, such as County and Community officials and Staff as well as Federal, State, regional and local authorities, utilities and districts.

The draft existing condition floodplain quilt is a compilation of data from multiple sources and is intended to approximate the extent of current flood risk in the Lower Brazos Region. The floodplains are for planning purposes rather than regulatory activities.