Voting Members

Name Interest Category Email
Claudia Wright Agricultural Interests claudiaw@rwrealestate.com
David Lilly Counties david.lilly@grimescountytexas.gov
Carl Burch Electric Generating Utilities Carl.Burch@nrg.com
Susan Alford Environmental Interests salford@bergoliver.com
Mark Vogler Flood Districts Mark.Vogler@FortBendCountytx.gov
Glenn Lord Industries MGLord@Dow.com
Anthony Beach, Vice-Chair Municipalities abeach@mrbgroup.com
Sujeeth Draksharam Public s.draksharam.twdb@gmail.com
Matt Phillips, Secretary River Authorities matt.phillips@brazos.org
Charlotte Gilpin Small Business cgilpin@kfriese.com
Alysha Girard, Chair Water Districts alysha.girard@ubcdams.org
Brandon Wade Water Utilities Bwade@gcwatx.onmicrosoft.com

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Non-Voting Members

Agency Email
David Young
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department David.Young@TPWD.Texas.gov
Michelle Ellis
Unit Chief Recovery and Mitigation
Texas Division of Emergency Management Michelle.Ellis@tdem.texas.gov
Michele Bobo
Field Representative
Texas Department of Agriculture Michelle.Bobo@TexasAgriculture.gov
Steve Bednarz
Flood Control Program Administrator/Engineer
Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board SBednarz@tsswcb.texas.gov
Shannon Longoria
Community Outreach Coordinator
General Land Office shannon.longoria.glo@recovery.texas.gov
Ryke Moore
Regional Flood Planner
Texas Water Development Board Ryke.Moore@twdb.texas.gov
Richard Monreal
Waco Water Section Manager
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Richard.Monreal@tceq.texas.gov
Charles (Landon) Erickson
Lead Hydraulic Engineer
US Army Corp of Engineers Charles.Erickson@usace.army.mil
Larry Voice
Senior Engineer
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 6 Larry.Voice@fema.dhs.gov
Mike Turco
General Manager
Fort Bend Subsidence District MTurco@subsidence.org
Matt Hanks
County Engineer
Brazoria County MattH@brazoria-county.com