Welcome to the Region 8 – Lower Brazos Regional Flood Planning Group

Flood planning to safeguard Texas communities has begun.

Community and public stakeholders are encouraged to become involved.

In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 directing the creation of the first-ever State Flood Plan for Texas — to be prepared by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and to follow a similar region-driven “bottom-up” approach that’s been used for water supply planning in Texas for the past 20 years.

Fifteen flood planning regions have been established — based on river basins. The first-ever Texas Flood Plan will be delivered from Regional Flood Planning Groups to the TWDB by January 10, 2023.

The overarching goal of regional flood planning, and the comprehensive state flood plan that will result from the plans created by these regions, is to protect against loss of life and property from flooding.

Public Roadshow Meetings

Region 8 Lower Brazos Regional Flood Planning Group recently held Public Roadshow Meetings. The purpose of these open house-style meetings was to inform the public on the current progress of regional flood planning for the Lower Brazos and gather feedback on information that will be included in the first State Flood Plan. Click here or the image below for a map of the overall meeting locations within the basin. The information presented at each of the Interactive Stations during the open house meetings is provided below and available on the Lower Brazos RFPG website at www.lowerbrazosflood.org:

  • Click here for copies of the presentation slides given at each of the open house meetings.
  • Click here for reviewing and commenting on the Draft Flood Risk Map.
  • Click here for the Draft List of Potential Flood Management Evaluations (FMEs).
  • Click here for the Draft List of Potential Flood Mitigation Projects (FMPs).
  • Click here for the Draft List of Potential Flood Management Strategies (FMSs).

Also, please feel free to upload additional data, studies, models, etc. for your community or entity to have considered in the regional flood plan by clicking here or by clicking on the 'Data Upload' tab along the top menu bar of www.lowerbrazosflood.org. As a friendly reminder, please submit any additional comments or feedback on the Flood Risk Map and Draft Lists of FMEs/FMPs/FMSs by no later than April 30, 2022.

Upcoming Meeting Information

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Looking for prior meeting information? Click here to view the Meeting Archive.

Current Events


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Draft Lists of Flood Management Evaluations (FMEs), Flood Mitigation Projects (FMPs), and Flood Management Strategies (FMSs) for your community/entity. Community and Public Stakeholders still have the opportunity to provide feedback and identify additional flood-prone areas not captured in the initial flood risk mapping by viewing the Web Map on the ‘Flood Risk Map’ tab along the top menu bar of this website.

The Lower Brazos Regional Flood Planning Group (Lower Brazos RFPG) is seeking public input on the draft chapters of the regional flood plan that describe the assessment and identification of flood mitigation needs and response information for the Lower Brazos Region. The following information is currently available for public review:

Please submit your review comments by no later than May 26 either through the Lower Brazos RFPG website or during the Public Comment period at the RFPG meeting scheduled on May 26 at 10:00 a.m. Microsoft Teams link to join the meeting here.


Review comments can be submitted electronically by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab along the top menu bar of this website and filling out the information under ‘Public Comments’ or by emailing LBFlood@brazos.org. Comments can also be provided during the Public Comment period at the RFPG meeting on May 26 at 10:00 a.m. Microsoft Teams link to join the meeting here; ; each person signed up in advance is allotted three minutes to speak.


By providing the Lower Brazos RFPG with your input, the Regional Flood Plan will better represent your community’s flood risk, local flooding issues/needs, and potential mitigation solutions. The information collected during this ongoing effort is being coordinated with the Combined River Basin Study, currently conducted by the Texas General Land Office. Proposed flood mitigation projects must be included in the Regional and State Flood Plans in order for an Entity to be eligible for State financial assistance programs.


If you have any questions about the draft document currently available on the Lower Brazos website for public review, please contact Pamela Hannemann with the Brazos River Authority at (254) 761-3135 or LBFlood@brazos.org.

Thank you for your participation in this important new regional flood planning effort!

Contact Information

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c/o Pamela Hannemann
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