Voting Members

Name Interest Category Email
Claudia Wright Agricultural Interests
David Lilly Counties
Gary Spicer Electric Generating Utilities
Susan Alford Environmental Interests
Mark Vogler Flood Districts
Glenn Lord Industries
Anthony Beach Municipalities
Sujeeth Drakshram Public
Matt Phillips, Secretary River Authorities
Andrew Earles Small Business
Alysha Girard, Vice-Chair Water Districts
Brandon Wade, Chair Water Utilities

Non-Voting Members

Agency Email
David Young
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Natalie Johnson
Hazard Mitigation Planner
Texas Division of Emergency Management
Michele Bobo
Field Representative
Texas Department of Agriculture
Steve Bednarz
Flood Control Program Administrator/Engineer
Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board
Brooke Bacuetes
Community Outreach Coordinator
General Land Office
Ryke Moore
Regional Flood Planner
Texas Water Development Board
David Van Soest
Regional Director – Waco & Austin
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Charles (Landon) Erickson
Lead Hydraulic Engineer
US Army Corp of Engineers
Larry Voice
Senior Engineer
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 6
Mike Turco
General Manager
Fort Bend Subsidence District
Matt Hanks
County Engineer
Brazoria County